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What Is CCE In CBSE Schools?

15-08-2018 10:27:39

CCE helps in improving student’s performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties at regular time intervals right from the beginning of the academic session and employing suitable remedial measures for enhancing their learning performance. The scheme of continuous and comprehensive evaluation has inbuilt flexibility for schools to plan their own academic schedules as per specified guidelines on CCE. Important Points : CCE will cover the scholastic and co scholastic areas of school education. The two types of assessment referred to in the circular are formative and summative. The periodicity of the two types of assessment are four and twice a year respectively. Formative Assessment totals to 40% weightage. Summative Assessment totals to 60% weightage. There are nine grades in Part A of Scholastic assessment and Part B of the same assessment has five grades. Summative assessment covers non academic areas like attitudes and skills and there are three grades. If a student secures Grade 6 in the academic areas his/her marks would range from 51% to 60%. CCE advocates absolute grading. This means that Grade 9 would imply an A2 grade. The academic term will be divided into two terms. How would the CCE Scheme help? The above steps would help the learners and parents, who are the primary stakeholders of school education, in the following manner:- a) It will reduce stress and anxiety which often builds up during and after the examination which could have an adverse impact on young students especially in the age group of 13-15 years. b) It will reduce the dropout rate as there will be less fear and anxiety related to performance. c) In the past there was practice to often finish the entire syllabus much before time and follow it up with Pre-Board(s) and study leave. Now there will be greater focus on learning rather than teaching to the test. d) The emphasis on conceptual clarification through experiential learning in the classroom will increase since there will be more time available for transaction of curriculum. e) It will help the learners to develop holistically in terms of personality by also focussing on the co-scholastic aspects which will be assessed as part of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme. f) It is expected to prepare the students for life by making students physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally balanced. g) The students will have more time on their hands to develop their interests, hobbies and personalities. h) It will enable the students, parents and teachers to make an informed choice about subjects in Class XI. i) It will motivate learning in a friendly environment rather than in a fearful situation. j) It will equip students with Life Skills especially Creative and Critical thinking skills, social skills and coping skills which will keep them in a good stead when they enter into a highly competitive environment later on. For CCE Certificate and evaluation process follow the link below:

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10 Simple Tips To Increase Concentration

13-08-2018 14:19:12

1.Intend to concentrate: : Human tend to do what they tell themselves to do. Therefore, it’s easier to concentrate if you set a specific length of time to study and consciously tell yourself that “I will concentrate” for that length of time. 2.Prepare to concentrate: Have everything you will need before you begin to study pencils, pens, paper, notes, textbooks, reference books, etc. 3.Use concentration promoting activities: Study with a pen or pencil in hand and condense what you read into organized notes. Rewrite and better organize lecture notes. 4.Vary your study activities: If your study style is not to focus on one subject for long periods of time, then vary what you do. Read and take notes for a while, formulate questions and answers for a time, recite and review to break the monotony. 5.Find a non-distracting study environment: Study in the same place and use that place only for studying. Remove potential sources of visual and auditory distractions or remove yourself to a less distracting study environment. 6. Set u a specific system for studying and learning: An effective step-by-step plan for studying and learning makes concentration easier. For example, take main ideas and turn them into questions and place them on one side of a notecard. On the other side, use the details that clarify and explain each main idea as answers for your questions. Frequently and regularly look at the questions and practice reciting answers aloud from memory. Then, turn the notecard over to check your answer. If right, move on to the next notecard. If wrong, do not move on until you read the answer aloud and quiz yourself again until you get it right. 7. Eat regularly and well-balanced meals: Those with healthy diets earn higher grades. Avoid quick uppers such as sugary snacks because quickly rising and falling blood sugar levels negatively affect concentration. High fat foods cause sluggishness and drowsiness. Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables. 8. Get plenty of night time sleep: Fighting sleepiness lowers concentration. So its important to have at least 6 hours sleep. 9. Set daily and weekly academic goals: It is easier to concentrate and feel motivation when you have goals and can see yourself progressing toward those goals. 10.Take regular study breaks: Take short 5 minutes break when concentration wanders. Finally remember the most important thing… If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.. And if you are Determined to learn, no one can stop you…...

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